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How Much Does It Cost To Get Divorced?

The cost of getting divorced can vary significantly based on multiple factors such as;

  • If, and when, you choose to have legal representation

  • If any additional legal proceedings are involved

  • Whether there is a mutual agreement between the parties

There are three separate processes associated with a divorce, and each one has different costs:

  1. Dissolving the marriage

  2. Agreeing to the financial settlement

  3. Dealing with any child arrangements

Court fees:

The standard court fee for filing a divorce petition in England and Wales is £593. This cost is fixed no matter whether you apply for the divorce yourself online, or if you instruct a solicitor. Those on benefits or who have a low income may be eligible for a fee exemption. Find out more about filing for divorce on GOV.UK.

If you agree on the division of the finances and only require the Court to approve a consent order, the court fee is £53. If financial proceedings are issued, the court fee is £275.

If Children Act proceedings are issued, there is a court fee of £232.

Legal fees:

Solicitors' fees can vary significantly based on location, complexity of the case and seniority of the solicitor and their hourly rate. Legal costs will also vary considerably depending on how much you and your spouse can agree between you. Some solicitors may also offer fixed-fee packages for straightforward divorces or for certain services within the process, such as assisting you with your Form E.

Other costs:

There might be additional costs to pay including:

  • Expert reports for property or company valuations, pension reports etc.

  • Barrister’s fees

  • Conveyancing fees

  • Accountancy fees

At Level, we provide legal fee and living expenses lending to individuals in family law proceedings, including Financial Remedy, Children Act, enforcement, Part III, ToLATA and Schedule 1 proceedings.

To speak to a member of our team to discuss if a litigation loan might be an option for you, please contact us.



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