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About us

Level is the UK's leading lender in the fields of family and probate law

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Level is a top-ranked, boutique lending firm providing funding against family and probate proceedings. We help our clients to:


Reach a fair financial settlement by funding their legal and living expenses during contested proceedings


Settle estate liabilities such as inheritance tax and other debts and expenses

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Release funds to acquire or renovate properties

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Achieve other lifestyle goals without having to wait for proceedings to conclude

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We partner with many of the country's top family and private client law firms, as well as other intermediaries, such as trustees and estate administrators, to help individuals unlock their settlements early.

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In-house expertise

As a team, we harness our wealth of legal and financial knowledge to swiftly cut through the noise, using our skills and experience to deliver bespoke and efficient funding solutions – including both secured and unsecured lending.

Flexibily fast

Because we’re an independent lender, we’re able to work together to make decisions quickly – even in complex cases. Usually, we can offer an in-principle decision within 1-2 working days.  

Friendly approach

We understand our clients are often facing stress and upheaval. That’s why we hand-hold them through the process – dedicating time to understanding the nuances of their case and providing a responsive, reassuring and personal service.

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