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How Do Divorce Loans Work?

Financial proceedings can be a complex and expensive. Legal fee loans can be used to cover solicitor’s fees, barrister's fees and disbursements, whether that’s through court, mediation, arbitration or collaborative law.

If you’re considering a loan with us, here’s how our lending process works. Bear in mind, Level is one potential lender, and you should explore other lending options to find the right solution for you.

Application Process: To start an application, please contact us and request a form – you can speak to us directly or ask your solicitor or adviser to enquire for you. We'll aim to give you an initial lending decision within 1-2 working days.

Advice: To make sure our loan is suitable and you understand your obligation to us, you'll need to take independent legal advice before we approve your loan. If the loan is secured over property, you'll also need to take separate independent mortgage advice.

Lending: Our loan is a flexible facility. For legal fee loans, each time your solicitor raises an invoice we’ll settle it and pay it directly into their account, subject to your approval. We'll also send an annual statement, and any ad-hoc statements you need.

Repayment:The repayment date varies by case, but you can repay the loan at any point during proceedings and we don't charge early repayment penalties. All settlement proceeds will be paid into your solicitor's account and Level is repaid before the balance comes to you.

Click here for more information or contact us directly and speak to one of the team.



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