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Borrower Testimonials



"Thank you so much for helping me out at such a difficult time in my life. I really appreciate your belief and trust, I could not have done it without you."

"My divorce caused both emotional and financial pressures and reaching a settlement was a necessary struggle. Fortunately, Level was on hand to help me, providing funding for both my legal fees and living expenses. Their manner was reassuring, kind, informative, swift and wholly supportive."

Client of Band 1 (Chambers & Partners) law firm

"Your flexibility, responsiveness and rapid execution has been really impressive, and massively helpful for me at a difficult time."

Client of  Vaitilingam Kay

Client of Brookman Solicitors

"The loan facility was of immense help, and I believe instrumental in my being able to secure a settlement that might have been far inferior if I hadn’t had access to it. I am extremely grateful to everyone involved."

Client of  Michelmores LLP

"I would not have been able to engage Keystone without your financial support, so a sincere thank you for your professionalism throughout and the reality is that I have others behind me to whom I can recommend your services."

Client of  Keystone Law

"The loan that I secured with Level has been my ticket to freedom. I could not have funded the best lawyer around and got through my divorce with such a favourable outcome without the funding that I had from you guys. I am so grateful and so excited that I can settle my debt now to my Mum, clear my credit cards and move on with my life with my house in my name and a healthy chunk of change."

Client of Greene & Greene Solicitors

Solicitor Testimonials

"Level is a cut above its competitors, offering an excellent product and demonstrating an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by family-law clients. Level is sensitive to those key issues as well as being highly efficient in the delivery of its service."

Anne Kay

Partner at Vaitilingam Kay Solicitors

"How refreshing to be able to deal with an organisation which is legally savvy, open-minded, unstuffy and user-friendly. With a family lawyer in the team, Level understands the needs of family practitioners and their clients and is willing to help with the minimum of fuss for the maximum benefit to all concerned."

Jeremy Levison

Partner at Levison Meltzer Pigott

"Level echoes the first class, bespoke service offered by elite family firms. With a personal touch and excellent service, they understand the complexities of cases from only an initial call and give swift decisions, which delights practitioners and clients alike."

Rosie Schumm

Partner at Forsters LLP

"Level's insight and understanding of the family law process enables them to make decisions really quickly at a time when emotions and anxieties are often running extremely high. The bespoke service they offer is something unique in this market and adds real value to our clients."

Helen Greenfield

Director at Family Law In Partnership

"Level are a delight to deal with. They offer a very swift turnaround on decisions, fair rates and an imaginative and bespoke approach to lending providing a high level of support to solicitors and clients, particularly in complex cases."

Toby Yerburgh

Partner at Collyer Bristow

"The team at Level stands out for their transparent and personal approach which enables borrowers to develop trusting relationships with them. Trust is crucial where litigation funding is concerned and Level gives practitioners comfort that their most valued clients will be looked after in an exceptionally dignified and professional way."

Zoe Bloom

Partner at Keystone Law

"Level are a great team with a firm understanding of the family law marketplace in London and beyond."

James Stewart

Partner at Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP

"I go for first class service allied with empathy.  Level has equivalent aspirations and delivery."

Simon Bruce

Senior Counsel at Farrer & Co

Strategic Liquidity Funding Testimonials


"My client was living in rental accommodation and was desperate to secure a suitable new home from which he could host time with his children. He found the ideal property but the funds required to secure it would not be released for several months under the terms of the financial settlement. Level stepped in and were able to provide a short-term loan quickly and at a very competitive rate. Without their assistance he would have lost the property. It is the perfect product for cases where liquidity is an issue or where – very commonly – the parties’ lives are placed on hold until the family home is sold. It is a service that I regularly recommend to clients and which satisfies a gap in the market which has been neglected to date"

Tom Duggins – Partner at Vaitilingam Kay

Negotiation strategy

"By making future value available to meet present needs, strategic liquidity funding can completely change the game. It is no longer safe for a husband to say something like “I would love you and the children to stay in the house but my share options won’t have vested in time". Level can lend to one or both parties, removing liquidity arguments and allowing parties to address housing needs / reach appropriate settlements, cutting out unnecessary litigation saving money and time."

Justin Moss – Partner at Moss Fallon LLP

Avoiding inopportune asset sales or tax inefficiencies when raising cash

"Level’s strategic liquidity funding proved invaluable for a client of mine last year.  Upon divorce, he was ordered to pay his ex-wife c. £800,000 by a certain date.  He had two homes – one of which was on the market, but it wasn’t selling.  He wanted to avoid breaching his obligations under the court order and potential enforcement proceedings / loss of conduct of sale.  As such, it looked as though his only option was to ‘fire sell’ the property at a discount.  However, Level were able to provide the funding required to pay the ex-wife on time, importantly giving my client the time to achieve the best possible sale value on the property, which he ultimately did.  All in all, the solution saved the client significant money and avoided potential additional litigation."

Alex Ward – Partner at Harbottle & Lewis

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