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Level webinar on the evolution of specialist lending in family proceedings

A big thanks to Nicholas Allen QC, Alexis Campbell QC, Nick Chapman of 29 Bedford Row and George Williamson of Level for taking the time to share their insights into the emerging strategic uses of specialist lending in family proceedings on Thursday 9th September. We hope those of you who were able to join the session found it to be a thought-provoking update on how far funding has come and some innovative ways in which we can further assist clients outside of the traditional legal fee range. Topics covered:

  • How has lending within family proceedings evolved and what are the pros and cons for parties and the profession?

  • Can you legitimately avoid a contested MPS application with a living expenses loan? How does the court view this?

  • Can lenders solve other liquidity issues (aside from legal fees and living expenses) in divorce proceedings? What are the knock on effects of this?

  • How important is it that a legal fees lender is considered "reputable"?

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