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Level announces new partnership with Support Through Court

Here at Level our passion for access to justice motivates us to enable more people to access expert legal advice when they need it most.

Our in house family law expertise means we have a profound insight into the emotional pressures associated with litigation. Going through family law proceedings can be extremely stressful for anyone but particularly those who face court alone – and thousands of people do every year.

That’s why we are taking action and are partnering with Support Through Court – a national charity that provides practical, procedural and emotional support to litigants in person.

In 2018/19, 58% of their 75,432 client contacts involved family cases, of which 80% concerned the welfare of children.

Carmen, Corporate Partnerships Manager of Support Through Court said:

‘We’re thrilled that Level have decided to become a Support Through Court Partner. Their donation will enable our volunteers to provide vital emotional and procedural assistance to people going through court alone.’

George Williamson, CEO of Level said:

‘We are delighted to have partnered with a charity that supports vulnerable people and shares our mission – to level the playing field of family law.’

You can find out more about Support Through Court here:



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